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Furniture Restoration

Age, sunlight and everyday use will take its toll on even the fnest furniture. The finish on your furniture can be made to look beautiful again. If the finish is not too badly damaged, restoration will renew the original color and luster of your furniture. Since your furniture can represent a substantial investment, restoration can be very cost effective.

Restoration will remove, surface scratches, water marks and minor burns and abrasions to the surface. Our process is flexible and can be more or less extensive depending on the amount of wear.

Weber’s complete four-step restoration process is as follows:

  1. Make any repairs, re-glue loose joints and fill-in minor gouges.
  2. Thoroughly clean and if needed lightly sand the finish.
  3. Touch up scratches and minor filled in areas.
  4. Recoat or oil the surface to match the original sheen.

Not all furniture requires this complete process. We can rub out and polish table tops and touch up minor scratches. Our craftsmen will recommend the right approach for your furniture.