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Residential: Fine Furniture Refinishing

Fine Furniture Refinishing

Furniture with deep gouges to the surface, heavy wear or water damage can be made to look like new again. Dining tables, buffets, end tables, beds and other furniture can be refinished—often at a fraction of the cost of new. Weber’s highly skilled craftsmen will duplicate the original factory finish or create a custom finish with the color and gloss of your choice. We use only the finest coatings available—the same as used by America’s leading furniture manufacturers.

Weber’s fourteen step refinishing process is thorough:

  1. Disassemble where necessary
  2. Hand strip existing finish; chemical wash clean and neutralize
  3. Machine and hand sand complete piece; finish—then sand
  4. Hand stain when necessary using pigment and/or dye stains
  5. Apply high solid coat of vinyl sealer once dry—then sand
  6. Repeat Step 5
  7. Evaluate color tone; shade and blend where necessary to achieve consistency
  8. Repeat Step 5
  9. Glaze in pigment to accent where necessary
  10. Repeat step 5
  11. Prepare all surfaces for 1st top coat of catalyzed lacquer—then sand
  12. Top coat using catalyzed lacquer in designated sheen level
  13. Prepare all surfaces for final top coat of catalyed lacquer—then sand
  14. Apply final top coat using catalyzed lacquer in designated sheen level

Our aim is to restore your furniture to its original beauty and give you many more years of service.